♥ Serenity ♥

♥ Big Flirt ♥
♥ Kinda NSFW ♥
♥ Down for some fun ♥

About Me

Growing up in Horizon, I had a good life. Not a rich or luxurious life, but one filled with love and laughter. That ended when the Garlean Empire moved in. They killed my parents and abducted me. They sold me off to a "handler" who did more handling and less training. I felt like nothing. I wished for death. I worried that my life would be filled from one tragic encounter to another. Each and every encounter was filled with another gentlemen caller that took what they wanted and left me to question my morality. Is this really worth it? Is this how I want my life to be?Then, one fateful day, a brutish but handsome gentleman saw me getting treated like property and stepped in. His name was Thancred. He handled the slovenly chunky slob I had recently been sold to. He gave me my freedom and protected me from harm for years. Then, one day, he introduced me to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. And for once, I felt like I was home. They helped me realize my potential, and embraced my hidden truth. The truth that I was the "Bringer of Light". My friends in the Scions will be with me forever. I love them all like family.

My Details

  • Name: Serenity

  • Age: 28

  • Born: Horizon

  • Race: Sun Kitty

  • Occupation: Bringer of Light and Love / Courtesan at Night

  • Relationship: Lover of everyone

  • Children: None yet

  • Hobbies: Being with my friends!